What is my response rate?

Your response rate is the percentage of inquiries and requests from the past 90 days that you responded to within 24 hours. For booking requests, replying to the guest or accepting/declining the booking counts as a response.

Your response rate is not affected by follow-up messages after the initial inquiry, so you don’t need to send the final message in a conversation.  

Why is my response rate important?

Your response rate is highly related to your success on Peerspace. When guests come to the marketplace, they typically message multiple hosts, so the host that responds first has an advantage. In fact, hosts that consistently respond in less than 24 hours are six times more likely to turn an inquiry into a booking.

Maintaining a high response rate will also give your listings more visibility on the marketplace. Responding promptly is one of the most important actions you can take to get more bookings.

What happens if my response rate drops?

If you let many inquiries and requests in a row go unanswered, your listing(s) may be paused to protect your response rate and ensure that guests are able to find a space. If this happens, you will be notified with information on how to set them live again.


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