How do I maintain a healthy response rate?

Responding quickly to inquiries and requests is one of the most important things you can do to succeed on Peerspace. Hosts that consistently respond within 24 hours are six times more likely to turn an inquiry into a booking. Maintaining a high response rate will also give your listings more visibility on the marketplace.

Here are a few simple ways to maintain a healthy response rate:


Act fast

The sooner you reply, the better chance you will have at closing the booking. Our top hosts typically reply within an hour.

1. Respond & circle back

When a guest sends an inquiry, the first thing they want to know is that there’s someone on the other end. If you aren’t able to address all of their questions right away, let them know you’re working on it and will get back to them soon.

2. Reply to every inquiry

Even if your space isn’t a fit for the activity, you should still send a prompt response to the guest. This will leave a good impression and protect your response rate. If your space is not available on the requested date, giving the guest alternatives may help you get the booking.

3. Save your common responses

Chances are you’re going to get similar questions from multiple guests. Create a simple template or list of answers to save yourself time.


Get notified

In order to respond quickly, you need to know when you get a new message. Here are a few ways to make responding easier.  

1. Download the Peerspace App on iOS

For iOS users, our app provides immediate push notifications for incoming inquiries and requests, and makes it easy to reply. Download it here.

2. Enable text notifications

Add your phone number to your Peerspace account under the Profile tab. Once you have verified your phone number, you'll receive sms notifications for new messages, requests, and bookings.

3. Reply via email

Did you know that you can reply directly to email notifications from Peerspace? Simply hit ‘reply’ to any email message notification and your response will be routed to the guest through Peerspace.


Tip: Add Peerspace (, to your email contact list to ensure that notifications won’t get lost in your spam folder. How to add a contact to gmail and apple mail.


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