What is an 8+ hour discount?

The 8+ hour discount allows you to offer a percentage off your hourly rate to guests who book for 8 hours or more. This feature gives you added pricing flexibility and encourages guests to request longer bookings.

We know that there’s a lot of work that goes into preparing for each booking. By offering an 8+ hour discount, you can encourage guests to request more hours, which will help you fill your space and reduce unplanned overtime situations. If you have multiple listings, you can set a unique 8+ discount for each. 

How to add an 8+ hour discount:

  1. Select the “Listings” tab
  2. Click “Edit” for the listing you’d like to update
  3. Find the “8+ hour discount” section
  4. Add the percentage discount you would like to offer
  5. Click “Update” and then “Done editing”

When a guest books for 8 hours or more, the discount is automatically applied. You will always be able to review the details before accepting.



If your hourly rate is $100 and your 8+ hour discount is 20%...

$100 x 8 hours      $800

20% discount       -$160

Total                      $640


Note: The 8+ hour discount will be applied to the entire booking, not just the 8th hour and beyond. The discount is only applied to your hourly rate and will not discount your cleaning fee or other line items.

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