How will Peerspace Concierge services impact my booking?

Once a guest books a Peerspace venue, our Concierge Services team is available to help them with any additional service needs, including catering, furniture and A/V equipment rental, cleaning, bartending, craft services, and much more. Our team works with a variety of vendors, both local and national, to fulfill these requests. For these efforts, our team charges guests a service fee.  

You can head over to our Concierge Services page for more information on the services we can provide. 

How does my guest find out about Concierge Services?

When your guest books, they have the opportunity to contact our team and let us know what they are looking for through an online form we send them at that point. Our team also emails each new guest to let them know about our services. Additionally, guests can get in touch with us directly by emailing

Can I refer my guests to the Concierge team?

If your guest needs services that you don’t provide, our Concierge Services team can handle all the coordination. You can refer your guest by having them email or by sending them to complete a request at:

You can also email our team on your guest’s behalf and we’ll reach out to directly to finalize any details. 

What happens once my guest requests Concierge Services?

When your guest contacts our Concierge team via a form submission or direct email, we will reach out to them to find out more information about their needs and provide estimated pricing. From here, we will work with your guests on their specific requests utilizing our network of vendors. We have established packages with our vendors for our most often requested services to help streamline the planning process and ensure guests are receiving the highest quality products and services.

If the packages we have already curated aren’t quite right for your guest, we will work with them to come up with custom quotes for all of the services that they require. Your guest will see all of the pricing before confirming an order.

Once the order is confirmed, our team will process payment on the guest’s behalf and provide a detailed schedule for the day’s events with all of the necessary contact information for our vendors. We also put the schedule in the booking details section so that you as host know what to expect during your guest’s event.

If my guest is using Concierge Services, what can I expect on the day of?

If your guest is using our Concierge Services, be sure to review the schedule that our team provides prior to the booking in case you have any questions. Unless our team has discussed something different with you, each vendor will contact the guest or onsite contact for the booking when they arrive. You will not be responsible for managing vendors unless you have previously agreed to.

How can I best prepare for a guest who has Concierge Services?

Since the vendors have all of the contact information for the guest and our team, there isn’t much you need to do. It is always helpful if you include information in your “Accessing the Space” section of your listing about loading zones, stairs, elevators and entrance restrictions. You can add that information by following these steps.


If you have any questions about the services our team is providing, feel free to email and we’d be happy to help. Our goal is to help you be an outstanding host! 

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