How can I edit my listing?

Successful Peerspace hosts review and update their listings regularly to make sure they accurately reflect the space in its current state as well as what it takes to book it.

Please keep our requirements for live listings in mind when making changes to your account. There are two types of edits to be made. Edits to the overall space (Address, square footage, WiFi info, directions, and cancellation policy) and edits to individual listings (price, minimum hours, cleaning fee, etc.)

Follow these steps to update your space/listings:

  • Click the “Additional Options” button (three dots in the top right corner) and select “Edit Space” button. You can use this button to edit info about your location address, square footage, WiFi info, directions, and cancellation policy.


  • To make edits to specific listings, click the pencil next your listing.


  • Click the pencil icon next to each section that you’d like to update.


  • As you make updates be sure to click the red update button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.


  • When you are done making edits, click the “Done Editing” button in the top right-hand corner on the screen to save all edits and preview the listing.5.png
We've created The Perfect Peerspace Listing as a resource to help you succeed on the marketplace.



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