What should I expect on the day of my food and bar tab booking?

When you show up at your booking, your host will give you a tour of the space and show you the private area reserved for your group.

You can order food and drinks up to the amount you paid for your food and bar tab. Keep in mind that your tab is inclusive of tip and tax, so be sure to factor that in when determining how much to order. Ask a staff member at any point to check how much has been spent or let them know at the beginning of the booking that you’d like to know once a certain amount is reached.

When you reach your limit, your host will inform you that your food and bar tab has been spent. You are welcome to purchase more food and drinks directly from the host by opening a new tab. You can either put down a new card or have your attendees pay individually. Discuss this with your host at the beginning of the booking for a smooth transition.

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