What happens if I damage something in a space?

As a Peerspace guest, you agree to cover in full any damages that you or your invitees cause during a booking. Any incidents during a booking will be resolved through the Peerspace Dispute Resolution process, as agreed upon in the booking terms of the Peerspace Services Agreement.  

While your host may charge a cleaning fee and is responsible for basic upkeep and removal of trash, you are encouraged to tidy up and be respectful of the space and personal belongings during the booking. For more information on what is considered cleaning vs. damages, please review our cleaning fee commonly asked questions.

Hosts will report any damages, along with relevant documentation, to the Peerspace team within 3 days of the booking. We will then notify you of the impending charge.

If a host is attempting to charge you for damages that you or someone who was part of your booking did not cause,please let us know and include all relevant documentation, such as electronic communications and photos.

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