How important are high-quality photos?

Your space's photos are the very first thing a guest sees while browsing, so it's essential that you make the most of that first impression. Adding compelling photographs of your space is one of the simplest yet most important things you can do to successfully market your space as a Peerspace host.

High-resolution photos will improve your visibility on the marketplace and inspire trust by allowing guests to fully grasp your space from your listing. If possible, use 10 or more photos that are larger than 1000 pixels wide, so they look beautiful on both desktop and mobile views. 

Cover photo

Make sure your listing stands out with a captivating cover photo. Start with one that is colorful, bright and gives a sense of the whole space.

Raw space photos

It’s important to have photos of your space empty and cleared out. This gives guests an accurate sense of your space and a starting point for their ideas. Make sure to include photos of all the areas that a guest will have access to, such as a kitchenette, breakout room or lobby.

Use type photos

Show off how your space can be used. Inspire your guests by setting the stage with the equipment they will have access to. For example, if you want to attract meetings, set up tables, chairs, and A/V for your Offsite listing. For a Production listing, use lighting and other relevant equipment. For an Event listing, show off your sound system, lighting capabilities and space layouts.

Action shots

To be a top Peerspace host you will need to add photos of your space in action. This helps guests envision what they are planning in your space. If you do not have any on hand, snap a few during your next Peerspace booking (with the guest’s permission, of course) or stage a scene with a few friends.

For more info on best marketing your space on our platform with photos, check out the Peerspace Photo Shoot Guide.

If you have already submitted your listing(s) and need better photos, get in touch with our Host Relations team to plan a professional photo shoot, free of charge.

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