What happens when I receive a booking request?

When a guest sends you a booking request, you will receive an email notification and will have two business days to accept or reject it from your Peerspace account. You can review the booking details and your expected payout. If you are listed under different categories, you'll also see which listing they sent the request to.

A polite and timely response helps ensure that you stay competitive, even if the request isn’t a good fit. Hosts should act on every booking request, rather than letting any expire.

If you need more information from the guest or have any questions about their booking request, we encourage you to directly message them before accepting it. 

Accepting a booking request confirms the booking, and charges the guest in full. Make sure you are familiar with our cancellation policy and payment process.

Custom booking requests

If you and the guest agree on any pricing for the booking that differs from your space's listed hourly rate (weekend rates, non-profit discounts, additional equipment rentals etc.), we can create a custom booking request.

Please have the guest fill out this form: https://book.peerspace.com/custom

Our Customer Success team will put together a customized booking request on behalf of the guest with the adjusted pricing. The guest's initial request will default to your hourly rate, so don't accept it until the pricing is updated.

Remember, listings must be fully transparent with regards to any costs for booking your space. Use the About the Space section to clearly detail any pricing variations, such as full-day rates, discounts, weekend rates or rates for large scope bookings. Please keep in mind Peerspace's 15% commission for hosts and 5% processing fee for guests when quoting a price to your guest.

The Peerspace booking flow

If you have any concerns about a specific inquiry, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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