What is the Peerspace service fee?

Peerspace charges 15% of the license charge (total booking amount) to hosts as commission for providing the services and platform that allow them to connect with guests to book their spaces. Listing a space is free and we do not have any membership fees.

When a guest sends a host a booking request, the host will be able to review all of the important details before accepting or rejecting it, including the requested date, duration, number of attendees, a description of the intended use and any special requests.  This booking request also includes a breakdown of the license charge, Peerspace's commission, and the host's expected payout. 

Accepting a booking request confirms the booking, and charges the guest in full. Hosts should be familiar with our cancellation policy before accepting a booking. 

The host's payout is processed within 7 days of the date the booking takes place for the license charge minus the Peerspace service fee. For example, a space listed at $100/hr would net the host an $85 payout following the successful completion of a 1 hour booking.

For more information, head over to our breakdown of the payment process.

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