Will I need to pay taxes on payouts earned through bookings?

As a host, your gross earnings through Peerspace bookings may be subject to US income taxes. To assist with US tax compliance, we collect taxpayer information from hosts in order to provide an account of their earnings each year.

To add your taxpayer information, log into your Peerspace account and go to the Payments page.  

If you are a business and have added a corporate bank account, you should enter your Employer Identification Number (EIN). If you are an individual and have added a personal bank account, you should enter your Social Security Number (SSN).

At the end of January, we'll provide hosts who have submitted taxpayer information and transacted through Peerspace with a Form 1099-K, showing their reportable earnings from the previous year. If you don't receive a 1099-K and have completed bookings through the marketplace during the previous year, please get in touch.

Beyond that, Peerspace does not handle personal tax duties for hosts, so you will be responsible for complying with the tax regulations in your area and determining if you are required to pay taxes on your Peerspace earnings.

For more information on taxes, please read our Services Agreement.

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