How can I prepare myself to be a great guest?

As a guest, booking through Peerspace not only gives you the opportunity to be in unique locations, it’s also a wonderful way to meet interesting people and expand your network. Hosts will open the doors of their work spaces, studios, and homes to accommodate you, so it’s important to be mindful of their space and aware of their expectations. 

Before you book, please familiarize yourself with Peerspace policies around payments, cancellations, and overtime. Be truthful and help build trust in the marketplace when creating your profile by adding a friendly photo of yourself, your name, and the best phone number to reach you.

What is expected of me when I’m booking a space?

  • Utilize the Peerspace platform to the fullest extent. All communications and transactions related to your booking, such as logistical questions and overtime payments, must remain on Peerspace.
  • Tell hosts who you are and what you’re planning to do at their space. By being thorough and upfront, hosts will be able to both provide you with the answers you need and accept your booking request sooner.
  • Read listings descriptions and host rules carefully. Make sure you are comfortable with the host’s stated requirements.
  • Read reviews from previous guests to get a better idea of what the pros and cons of the space may be.
  • Book enough time for setup and teardown to avoid overtime charges.

What is expected from me during the booking?

  • Use the space as laid out in your Peerspace booking details. This includes respecting the host’s rules as well as the agreed-upon start and end times.
  • Do a walkthrough of the space upon arrival. Make sure everything works and notify your host if you see any damages or broken items.
  • Be mindful and respectful in your treatment of the space and others in it during the booking. Remember that by booking through Peerspace, you agree to fully cover any damages that you or your invitees cause during the booking.
  • Great guests are communicative, honest, and professional. Communicate any issues or booking questions that may arise directly with the host. 

What should I do after the booking is complete?

  • Write an honest review about your experience using the space. The best reviews provide constructive feedback that benefits the Peerspace community, and must meet our content guidelines.
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