What if I need to cancel a booking I confirmed with a guest?

When a host cancels a confirmed booking, the guest’s event and plans can be severely impacted and may require intensive logistical support from Peerspace. Nonetheless, we understand that plans can change, requiring a host to cancel a booking on occasion.

However, these cases impact the high standard of service by which Peerspace’s marketplace operates. The host-initiated cancellation policy exists to preserve the integrity of the community and the Peerspace marketplace. As such, in the event of any cancellation of a confirmed booking by a host, Peerspace reserves the right to impose penalties on the host’s account including:

  • Charging fines, including covering costs incurred by the guest or Peerspace resulting from the cancellation
  • Publishing an automated review indicating a cancelled booking
  • Suspending or terminating the host’s account

A host may cancel one confirmed booking within a 6-month period without penalty. The host may still be required to cover costs incurred by Peerspace or the guest associated with their cancellation. However, after one host-initiated cancellation, Power Hosts will forfeit their status for both the current and the following Power Host 90 day review periods.

For details on the penalties for host-initiated cancellations and extenuating circumstances where an excused cancellation would not result in a penalty, please familiarize yourself with the full Cancellation and Refund Policy.

In the event of an emergency in your space the day of a booking that would impact the guest's ability to use your space and require rescheduling (such as complications with plumbing or power, unexpected construction, or other extenuating circumstances), please let us know right away.

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