How does overtime work?

Adding overtime to a booking is easy. If you need to modify a reservation before it begins, you can simply ask your host to update the booking. If your booking starts in less than an hour, you’ll need to add the additional hours as overtime.

Overtime is charged in 30 minute increments, so if you stay 15 minutes over, you’ll be charged for 30 minutes. The overtime rate is chosen by the host and can be 1x or 1.5x the hourly rate.

Payment for overtime is collected after the booking is complete. Your host will have 72 hours after the end of the booking to add overtime or any other charges. If they add overtime to your booking, you will receive an email notification and will have 48 hours to review the charges.

If you are interested in extending your booking, we recommend checking in with your host ahead of time so you can plan accordingly. In some cases, the space may not be available beyond the hours you reserved.

As always, please remember that booking times should include setup and cleanup.

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