What should be in my Host Rules?

Guests are required by our Terms & Conditions to follow both the Peerspace booking policies and the Host Rules of the space they book. This means it is absolutely necessary for you to add any and all rules you may have around access, permitted activities, insurance requirements and other important day-of procedures.

If you have multiple listings, each can have its own Host Rules that are specific to the activity each listing is under. Your Host Rules cannot be left blank.

Requirements related to cleaning and removing trash from the space should not be included in this section of your listings and cannot be a requirement for booking your space. As a host, you are responsible for cleaning your space after each booking and preparing it for future use. To make sure you're covered for those efforts, take advantage of our Cleaning Fee pricing tool.

Peerspace’s booking policies covering cancellationsovertimedeposits and damages apply to all bookings between hosts and guests. These policies form part of the Peerspace Terms & Conditions and are designed to ensure a smooth booking experience from start to finish. For this reason, your Host Rules cannot:

  • Contain booking policies or include additional contractual obligations that contradict the clauses in the Peerspace Services Agreement.
  • Alter a guest’s or host’s liabilities beyond what is defined in the Peerspace Terms and Conditions.
  • Be used as a substitute for having adequate insurance in place for the planned activities in your space.
  • Encourage activities that would violate federal laws, local laws, zoning restrictions or permitting regulations.

Examples of Host Rules that work

  • No loud music after 11pm
  • No smoking
  • No pets allowed
  • Guests must provide additional insurance and valid permits for all vendors
  • All rentals include setup and teardown time; please inquire for details about staffing
  • Furniture must be moved back to where you found it
  • Guests must remove any equipment they bring into the space by the end of the booking
  • Front door must be locked upon departure from the space; please use lock box and key code provided

Edit your listing by clicking here. You can reference this walkthrough for steps to save your changes. 

Peerspace does not allow hosts to list rules with arbitrary fines. Any fines levied as a result of broken rules that are submitted as extra charges will require third party invoices and evidence.

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