Why should I keep transactions and communications only through Peerspace?

We consider our relationships with hosts to be partnerships in which we invest our time and resources to market and book your space on a regular basis. Taking communication off of the Peerspace platform is a violation of the Peerspace Services Agreement that includes our Community Guidelines. These policies are in place to ensure a secure and positive experience for both hosts and guests.

Accepting payment outside of the Peerspace platform eliminates your ability to be protected by our cancellation & overtime policiesdispute resolution process$1,000,000 insurance policy and fraud safeguards. Hosts that violate this policy will be removed from the community and charged any owed service fees.

We have established these policies to help protect our hosts from fraud, potential risk, and other liabilities. By keeping transactions and communications on the platform, we can help ensure your security and the integrity of the Peerspace marketplace.

Please review how to use our messaging tools to communicate with guests and how to update a booking when details change.

If a guest tries to initiate a transaction outside of the platform, please get in touch to ensure your host status is not affected.

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