What happens if a guest stays past the end of their booking?

Sometimes a guest's booking in your space is going so well that they decide they want to extend the length of their productive stay. As a host, if you allow a guest to stay beyond the length of time allocated in the booking, they will be charged for overtime at time-and-a-half (150% of your hourly rate) and prorated by the half-hour.

For example, if the guest stays beyond the scheduled end time for an additional 45 minutes, a charge for time-and-a-half would be collected for 60 minutes worth of time in the space. The price premium on overtime ensures that hosts are able to pay for any needed resources or staff to stay beyond the time previously agreed upon in the booking confirmation.

If a guest is interested in extending their booking while in your space, they will check in with you to make sure you can accommodate their overtime request. In some cases, the space may not be available beyond the hours previously reserved.  If it is, you must document the overtime (the exact time they left) and let our Concierge Team know within 3 days of the booking so we can include the additional charge in your payout.  

If you agree to let the guest use your space for additional time after the booking is confirmed but before it takes place, you can decide whether to charge it as overtime or at your space's normal rate.  If you decide to not charge overtime in this case, let our Concierge Team know, and we can update the guest's booking request with the extra hours.

For more information, head over to our explanation of the payment process

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