What should I add to the About the Space section of my listing?

Hosts with the most booked listings have spent time tailoring the content of each one to the category it is under (Offsite, Event or Production). If you create multiple listings for your space, they should differ in all aspects - description, pricing, rules and amenities - so that they appeal to guests searching under each different types of activities. For instance, if a guest is interested in your space for an offsite, they will want to know about the included amenities and best ways to set up the space for meetings. Below are some tips on how to add quality information to the About the Space portion of your listing to help guests better understand your space when they are considering sending an inquiry.

History of the space

Is your space an abandoned train station or turn-of-the-century art gallery? Maybe you are in a new space but have an interesting past yourself? Adding a sense of history to your listing helps increase the value of your space.

Example 1 Example 2
Our space was converted from a sourdough bread factory in the late 1970s to a breathtaking & modern work-live loft. We are an artist collective that was established in 1902, and have been in this wonderfully unique gallery space since 2005.

Neighborhood details

Is your space surrounded by an eclectic mix of parks, restaurants, and shops? Give the guest an idea about what their overall experience will be by describing the neighborhood around you. Location is the primary concern for guests, so why not encourage them to book in your neighborhood?

Example 1 Example 2
Our space is located in the vibrant Mission District in San Francisco. We are a short walk from Dolores Park, Bi-Rite Creamery, and Tartine bakery. When you book our space, you are immersing yourself in the cultural epicenter of the city. Located just blocks away from the beach, our loft is a prime location for a relaxing get-away from a standard space rental. We are a five minute walk from the popular “Restaurant Row,” which includes numerous theaters, shops, bars, parks, and places to dine.


How will the guest gain access to your space? What parts of your space are accessible during their booking? How many tables/chairs do you have and how can they be set up? Is there parking or public transportation nearby? Including details about transportation, parking, set up, and access will help eliminate questions and drive qualified guests to your space.

Example 1 (paragraph form) Example 2 (list form)

The entire loft is available for guests to use, including the kitchen, upstairs/downstairs unisex bathrooms, outdoor patio and main floor event space. We have 20 chairs and 2 rectangular tables that can be set up for a dinner in the center of the room or on the outer perimeter of the room for an open format event.

You will receive a code to open & lock the front door prior to your booking date. We do not have designated parking spots, however there is street parking and a paid parking lot 2 blocks away. The 5 & 38 bus lines will take you to and from downtown, and we are a short BART ride away from the airport.

Details about Amenities:

  • 50 chairs
  • 6 round tables, 2 rectangular
  • 2 unisex bathrooms
  • 60 plates with flatware 

Set Up Options:

  • Meeting-style set up for 20 people (2 rectangular tables)
  • Presentation style set up for 50 people (50 chairs, no tables)
  • Dinner style set up for 48 (6 round tables)
  • Street parking & paid garage nearby


Main loft space, kitchen, bathrooms, and outdoor patio available during booking.


  • Number 5 & 38 bus lines to and from downtown (15 minute ride)
  • BART ride (25 minutes) to and from two airports: OAK & SFO

Amenities at additional cost

Do you have any amenities that are not included in the space rental? Any amenity that the guest must pay extra for outside of the space rental should be disclosed in your description, and not listed in the Amenities section. Do you have photography equipment guests can rent? List the details about that cost here in the description. 

Example 1 Example 2

Doorman available if needed at additional cost of $25/hour.

Catering services available for appetizers or sit down dinner of up to 20 people. Costs will vary, please message for details.

Lighting kit available for rent. $100 flat fee


Flat Fee:

  • 2 Medium Roller ($15)
  • 1 Profoto Pro 7A 2400 Pack x 2 Profoto Heads kit ($125)
  • 1 Junior Roller ($10)
  • 1 Super Boom Arm $15

Additional fee per hour:

  • Production Assistant ($25/hr)


Information about past bookings

Be proud of the success you’ve had-- list the previous companies who have booked your space plus how they used your space. Similar to reviews, disclosing past guests can help add credibility to your space and experience.


Our space has been home to Facebook’s holiday party, Google’s HR Team off-site, and Chanel’s photo shoot. 

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