Can I schedule a site visit with a guest before they book?

While Peerspace is dedicated to enabling simple and transparent online transactions, we understand there can be a need for guests to visit a space in person to make sure it's the right fit for what they have planned.

Peerspace allows hosts to schedule site visits when requested by a guest under the condition that if the guest decides to move forward with the space after seeing it, you remind them that the booking must be requested and paid for through the Peerspace platform.

Important: If you intend to charge guests for site visits prior to a confirmed booking, detail this, along with the approximate price in the About the Space of Rules section of your listing.

Guests can easily send you a booking request from your listing. Here's more information on what happens when you receive their booking request.

If you and the guest agree on pricing during the site visit that differs from your space's listed hourly rate, you can offer a custom price by revisiting your original inquiry with the guest in your Peerspace inbox and clicking the "Offer Custom Price" button.


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