What is Peerspace?

Peerspace is a versatile marketplace for booking and listing unique spaces for a variety of creative and productive uses. We connect professionals and creators who need somewhere special to make their ideas come to life with locations that were previously underutilized or unavailable to the public.

Our mission is to help companies and individuals find one-of-a-kind spaces to inspire their best work. We believe that access to inspiring spaces and changes in work surroundings are key drivers of innovation for all types of professionals. Whether it's a full-day offsite or quick meeting, a corporate or social event, or a production of any kind, Peerspace is the first platform to easily find and book these unique and inspiring spaces.

To build a thriving marketplace, Peerspace works with businesses and individuals who own unique spaces to help them make more efficient use of their space, allowing them to safely and conveniently share it with other professionals in need. As a result, we enable local businesses to sustain healthy operations and expand their presence within the community.

If you have a space you would like to list as a host, you can add your space, or check out our Host FAQ.

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