What are the guidelines for content submitted on Peerspace?

Our goal is for the Peerspace marketplace to remain a respectful, honest, and healthy community where space owners and guests can understand each other’s needs and capabilities. We rely on all hosts and guests to follow basic guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of all Peerspace users.

Read the full Peerspace Community Guidelines.

We’ve highlighted the following guidelines that specifically govern the types of user-generated content that exist in our marketplace below, such as listings and reviews:

  • Relevance: Make sure any content you contribute is objective, relevant, and appropriate to the Peerspace community.
  • Inappropriate content: We don’t allow any content that promotes illegal or harmful activity, threats, harassment, lewdness, hate speech, and other displays of bigotry.
  • Honest reviews: The best reviews provide constructive feedback that benefits the Peerspace community. They must be true and representative of your personal experience interacting with the host or guest before and during your booking. Reviews aren't the place for personal criticisms and should not be biased by extraordinary circumstances or other matters that do not address the core of the booking experience. This includes posting undeserved or disproportionate criticism, attempting to extort other users for discounts or favorable reviews, or threatening legal action.
  • Accurate submissions: Listings must honestly represent your space and be fully transparent when it comes to pricing and booking requirements. We won’t publish any content that is fraudulent, false, or misleading with respect to a host or space. If the physical space has been updated and no longer accurately represents what is depicted in photos and description, it is the responsibility of the host to remove and update with current photography and listing content.
  • Privacy: Aside from the information you provide to Peerspace, do not publicize your own or other people’s private information, business information, address, phone number or full name. Please do not post close-up photos of hosts or guests without their permission. These policies are implemented to protect privacy while maintaining a trustworthy, safe marketplace experience.
  • Missed expectations: You should not publish content as a way to extract payment from a host, guest, or Peerspace due to missed expectations during a booking. Disputes must be resolved through the Peerspace disputes process, and we do not allow publishing of content that references a Peerspace investigation.

We encourage all users to review the full Peerspace Community Guidelines that govern all activity in the marketplace. We reserve the right to remove any content or user that does not meet these guidelines.

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