How do I book at a special rate I've agreed on with the host?

If you and the host agree on any pricing for your booking that differs from their listed hourly rate, we can create a custom booking request on your behalf. Some examples of special rates that need custom bookings are weekend rates, discounts, and other special circumstances.

Please submit this form for custom bookings:

A booking request you put through the platform will default to the listing's hourly rate, so our Customer Success Team will instead quickly put together a customized booking request with the quoted pricing for the host to confirm. We'll assess rentals and other additional charges at the time of booking.

Please keep in mind we charge guests a 5% processing fee on all transactions. When the host accepts your booking, you will be charged in full. Make sure you are familiar with our cancellation policy and payment process.

We ask hosts to make sure that their listing descriptions are fully transparent with regards to any costs for booking their space outside of the hourly rate. If you have any concerns about the rates for booking a certain space or need assistance with custom pricing, please let us know.

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