How do I create an account to book or list a space?

Creating an account is easy and fast. You can sign up online with a valid email address and password, or download our iOS app to create and manage your account from your mobile device.

Keep in mind that if you are interested in messaging hosts, booking spaces or listing your own space, you will need to enter more information that helps the community identify and trust you, including a friendly profile photo and your full name.

Booking a space

You can view all of our listings, message hosts and book spaces directly on

Search by your desired location and then pick the category for the activity you are planning (Offsite, Event or Production). You will be able to see any space's photos, hourly rate, description, rules and amenities in their listing.

Use the "Message Host" button to introduce yourself and what you are planning to the host.  For a smoother booking process, we encourage you to be as specific as possible in your first message by explaining the scope of your booking (date, time, number of guests, setup, itinerary etc). When you have discussed with the host and are ready to book, use the "Start Booking" button on their listing to send them your request.  Hosts have 2 business days to accept or reject bookings requests, and you will only be charged when the host confirms your booking.

Listing a space

There are a few more steps required to become a host. For detailed information, including how to upload your space, visit the our FAQ page for hosts.

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