How do I book a guest at a special rate?

There are two ways to offer guests a special rate that differs from your listed hourly rate: setting an 8+ hour discount or processing a custom booking.

If you add an 8+ hour discount directly to your listing, it will automatically be applied when guests check out — no extra steps required. Click here to learn more about the 8+ hour discount feature.

Any other special rates, such as non-profit discounts, weekend rates, additional equipment rentals, and catering services, are processed using the custom booking form. Please keep in mind Peerspace's 15% service fee for hosts and 5% processing fee for guests when quoting a rate. Once you and the guest agree on pricing, our Customer Success team can create a custom booking request on the guest's behalf.

Please have the guest fill out this form:

We recommend bookmarking that link to send to future guests from your Peerspace inbox.

If you want to charge for cleaning, you do not need to use a custom booking. Instead, take advantage of our Cleaning Fee pricing tool.

Remember, listings must be fully transparent regarding any costs to book your space. Use the About the Space section to clearly detail any special rates. Make sure you review the pricing breakdown on all booking requests before accepting them.

If you have any questions about how to price your space or need assistance with custom pricing, please let us know.

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