How do I offer a one-time custom base rate to guests?

You can offer a one-time, custom base-rate to guests that have inquired about your space. It is meant to help you accommodate special circumstances, such as non-profit discounts.

Hosts are required to clearly detail any costs or special rates associated with booking the space in the About the Space section of your listing. If you have standard variable rates, based on day of week or time of day, use the variable pricing feature to set these rates for your listing. Likewise, if you price your space based on number of attendees, use the attendee pricing feature to set tiered rates. 

Learn more about how to price your space here

Important: Peerspace’s standard service fee of 15% is included on all bookings, including custom prices you offer to potential guests. 

How to offer a custom base rate:

  1. Visit your Peerspace Inbox
  2. Open the thread with the guest you would like to offer a custom base rate
  3. Click “Create Custom Offer” and enter in the changes
  4. If no add-ons need to be applied, click through “Continue to Add-ons” to “Continue to review booking." Learn more about adding additional services here.
  5. Write a note to the guest detailing the changes and click “Send Custom Offer”

What happens next:

  1. Your guest will be notified of your custom offer
  2. They will have two days to accept or decline
  3. If they accept the offer, it becomes a confirmed booking
  4. If they decline or the offer expires, you can make another offer

You can review, edit, or withdraw your offer at any point (before the guest accepts) by clicking “Review offer details.”

If you want to attach a cleaning fee to bookings or offer a day rate, you can add those directly to your listing. Once in your listing, these are automatically applied to save you time with each booking. Learn more about cleaning fees and day rates.

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