How do I provide arrival and wifi instructions to guests?

We know there’s a lot of information you need to communicate to your guests. In an effort to save you time and energy, we built a feature that will automatically send your guests the day-of instructions for their booking, once it’s confirmed.

Your guests will receive “Getting There” information to help them locate and access your space. In addition they’ll be sent “Wifi Instructions” if you choose to provide them.

You'll only have to add this info once for your space - after that, it will be sent to your future guests along with their confirmed booking details. These instructions will not be viewable to any guest who has not booked your space. Please make sure the details you add are general enough to work for any guest you book.

Making this change is a bit different than how you update details or photos on your listings. Please follow these steps:

While logged into your account, navigate to your Listings page.

  • Each space will have a small button with three dots in the upper right corner, click that button and select "Edit Space".
  • Click the "Edit" button next to the Wifi or Directions sections.
  • Fill in the last two sections on this page as needed to provide your Wifi network's login credentials and instructions to access the space.
  • Click "Done" to save the changes. The next page will require you to click the red "Done" button once more, and will then redirect you to the Listings page.


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