What is the Peerspace processing fee for guests?

Peerspace charges guests a processing fee (“Guest Fee”) to help cover the costs of running our business, including completing your transaction and providing support for your booking and all services added. The guest processing fee is a percentage of the booking subtotal (including cleaning fees) and is added to all transactions. It is calculated based on multiple factors, including the subtotal price of the booking and other booking characteristics. Generally, the higher the subtotal, the lower the fee. Guests always see the exact amount of the fee during the booking process.

For a summary of the fees related to Peerspace bookings, please review our Fees Overview.

Where can I find the processing fee?

When viewing a listing, enter the exact dates and start/end times of your booking. When you click on “Start Booking”, you will see the subtotal for the amount of hours selected and the total with the processing fee added.

You will also see the processing fee outlined on the checkout page before confirming the booking, and on your booking confirmation emails.

If your host has quoted you a special rate, please keep in mind that the processing fee is added to every transaction.

What happens to the processing fee when I cancel or make updates to a booking?

  • If a booking request is withdrawn, expires or gets declined, no charges are captured, including the processing fee.
  • If you cancel a reservation within the 24 hour grace period and outside the short-notice timeframe, all charges surrounding the booking are refunded, including the processing fee.  
  • If you cancel outside the 24 hour grace period, the processing fee is non-refundable.
  • If a host initiates a cancellation for your booking and you are not able to rebook with that host for a different period, the processing fee will be refunded.
  • If a reservation is modified, the processing fee you are charged adjusts to reflect the new subtotal of that transaction amount.

Please make sure to review our full Cancellation & Refund policy.

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