How do I add a listing to offer my space for other activities?

You can create up to three separate listings for a space you submit on Peerspace, in order to list it under the Offsite, Event and/or Production categories. To add an additional listing for your space, go to the "Listings" tab located in the top right corner of your page. Next, select the blue “Add a Listing” button and fill out the details for each new category you want to list your space under.

You can customize the rate, cleaning fee, minimum hours, and more for each listing. For example, a host may set a lower minimum and a higher hourly rate for a new Offsite listing compared to an existing Production listing. This approach would encourage longer production bookings as well as shorter and more frequent offsite meeting bookings.

What type of listing should I add to attract the activities that fit the space?

Guests search under the Events category when booking for baby showers, dinner parties, weddings, product launches or charity events. Offsites are geared toward 10-20 person corporate meetings and presentations. Hosts should consider listing under the Production category for photo and film shoots. Learn more about the activities that fall under our three main listing categories here.

I just submitted an additional listing for my space. What’s next?

Quickly look it over to make sure everything is up-to-date, and take care of any edits needed for it to meet our requirements for live listings. Your new pending listing may not have the most recent updates you’ve made to your live listing.

A member of our Host Success team will reach out to you if any additional updates are needed before we can activate your newly submitted listing.

How do I make my new listing stand out?

If you need any help with your listing, please get in touch with our team.

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