How do I submit a new space or venue on Peerspace?

You can list additional spaces by clicking the “Add a Space” option in the dropdown menu located in the top right corner of the website. From there, you will follow a similar flow as when you created your first listing.

You should only submit a new space to offer guests a different physical area or venue that can be booked separately from any other spaces you have listed. Your new space can be a different area within your existing venue or a completely new space at a different location.

Once you have added a new space, you can give it up to three listings based on the types of activities you’re interested in hosting. Each space can be listed under our Offsite, Event, and/or Production categories. You can set different ratescleaning fees, and minimums on each listing. Additionally, we encourage you to tailor each listing’s About the Space section with the most relevant logistical information for guests booking under each type of activity. Check out our best practices for perfecting your listings.

It’s important to understand that a space is not the same as a listing. Remember, you can have up to three listings for each space. We make this distinction to clarify what is available to guests with every booking - ensuring ease and transparency for guests and hosts with each transaction.

If you need any help creating listings for a new space or adjusting what you offer to guests on Peerspace, get in touch with our team.

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