What information should I include in my food and bar tab listing?

It’s best to include any and all relevant details in the About the Space section to ensure guests best understand what is included in a booking. By providing answers to common questions and additional information upfront, you’ll make it easier for guests to book your space.

To simplify the process, our team put together a list questions and tips to guide you as you create your listing. Add these details to your listing's About the Space section to attract better qualified inquiries:


  • How many people are comfortably served in a booking?
  • What is the average cost of a drink?
  • Is there other information about the drink menu (like most popular drinks or your drink focus) that guests should be aware of?
  • What is the average cost of appetizers & mains?
  • What type of cuisine does the venue focus on?
  • How is food served (family style, buffet style, small bites, or other options)?


  • What type of seating is available to guests (bar, tables, booths, or other options)?
  • Does the booking include fully private or semi-private use of the space?
  • How many people can the space seat?
  • What type of staff (bartender, bar back, on-site management, door host) will be present during the booking?
  • Do you have A/V items (projector, sound system, screen, tvs) or other amenities that are included in the booking?


Include photos of your venue’s floor plan (unbranded), sample menus (unbranded), and food and drink photography. These photos shouldn’t feature your company name or mention gratuity pricing.


Check out these helpful examples of live food and bar tab listings for inspiration and further guidance.

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