How can I make my listing appeal to more guests and stay competitive?

Are guests looking for something specific?

Yes, guests typically have preset criteria when choosing a space. As a host, you want to create an easy way to locate all details to attract your viewer and prequalify each guest. This is also a great opportunity for you, the host, to qualify your bookings.

What are guests looking for in a space?

The breakdown of a guest checklist typically falls under five sections.

  1. Pricing
  2. Availability
  3. Space Features
  4. Additional Services (By Host, Preferred Network, or Peerspace Concierge)
  5. Catering / Food & Drinks (Further details on how this works in your space)

The below resources highlight each section and the specific details guests require.

Event                                                 Offsite                                      Production

Screen_Shot_2018-08-16_at_11.56.50_AM.png Screen_Shot_2018-08-16_at_11.58.01_AM.png Screen_Shot_2018-08-16_at_11.55.25_AM.png

How can I add these sections to my listing(s) quickly?

We have many hosts reaping the benefits of what we call a 'listing structure'. Explore one of our merchandising boards to view just a handful of hosts for inspiration.        Re-creating the wheel isn't necessary and locating a template from a space that feels most like your own space can be easier to adjust with details specific to your business.

What else can I do to make my space stand out?

Invest your time in the photo section!

In addition to adding the five sections to your listing, make sure that your photography section is top notch! Guests don't know your space like you do, nor do they understand your expertise in what you've done and what you are willing to do.

Add floor plans, menus, food/drink photography, the space empty and in action!

If you are a catering company with an event space, highlight your food and menus ($). If you work with entertainers, offer additional services ($). If you are an expert in team building exercises, promote the activities ($). 


What are some examples of how some sections look?

Sections are simple and guide guests quickly to competitive information. A listing structure can increase inquiries that fit your space and strengthen your response rate.

Screen_Shot_2018-08-16_at_12.56.03_PM.png  Screen_Shot_2018-08-16_at_1.03.43_PM.png

Why should I take the time to do this?

You've invested the time to be in the marketplace. Now market your space as only you know how and increase inquiries! Guests are visual and need help when sifting through spaces to find the right one. Stay competitive!

Update your listings with a listing structure to highlight your expertise and stand out from other hosts in your area. Qualifying a booking is a two way street. Excite guests about your space and attract the ideal guest.

Click on the board below to explore more listings using this method to increase inquiries.



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