What factors determine where my listing appears in search results?

The order of listings on Peerspace is determined by a wide range of factors aimed at connecting guests with the space that best fits their needs. Guests typically apply additional filters, such as neighborhood and price, to narrow in on relevant results.

While parameters like this heavily influence guests’ search results and begin to take sort order out of the equation, it’s important to understand the algorithm that determines how far up (or down) your listings typically fall. The list below isn’t exhaustive, but these are the key metrics you have 100% control over:


Availability: Calendar features are enabled to maintain accurate availability

Accurate availability is key to success on Peerspace. By keeping your calendar up-to-date, you will attract more qualified guests, spend less time messaging, and improve your space's visibility in search results.

*Host tip: Sync your calendar and enable Instant Book for more bookings. Learn more here.


Response Rate:  The percentage of inquiries and requests you respond to within 24 hours

Hosts who respond the fastest are more likely to appear at the top of search, so a polite and timely response ensures you stay competitive, even if the request isn’t a good fit. Remember, expired bookings are treated the same as inquiries without responses, so it’s always best to decline bookings rather than let them expire.

*Host tip: Enable text messages to be notified on the go. Learn more here.


Review Score: Your space's average review score

Hosts with higher average review scores are given priority visibility in search. Plus, the more glowing feedback you have, the more you will benefit from increased visibility. Reviews are an invaluable part of building trust between guests and hosts in our marketplace, so we appreciate both parties honestly communicating their experience.

*Host tip: Ensure a smooth day-of experience and five-star review by providing detailed Wifi & “Getting There” instructions. Learn more here.


Bookings: The number of bookings you accept

The more bookings you accept, the higher up in search results you'll appear.  Whether you want to experiment with your price, implement a listing structure, or update your photos, there are many tactics that our data show lead to increased bookings.

*Host tip: Perfect your listings to appeal to more guests and close more bookings. Learn more here.


Cancellations: The number of bookings you cancel

Because host-initiated cancellations inconvenience guests in a significant way and reflect poorly on the security of our marketplace, cancelling a booking can impact your visibility in search. Excessive cancellations may result in further penalties, so be sure to familiarize yourself with our cancellation and refund policy.

*Host tip: If a cancellation is necessary, try to reschedule. Once you and the guest have negotiated a new date, update the booking. Learn more here.


Conversion: The number of inquiries you receive divided by the number of bookings you accept

This looks at the relationship between your inquiries and bookings. If you have a lot of inquiries and only a few bookings, you won't be sorted as high as someone with fewer inquiries and more bookings. This is designed to reward hosts who keep bookings on the platform (vs. those who might be taking bookings offline).

*Host tip: Improve conversion through custom offers. Learn more here.


These metrics are regularly measured over a 90 day period and are important to maintain in order to qualify for our Power Host Program.


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