How can I share my booking details with attendees?

After confirming a space, you can easily share the details of the booking with your guests. Important information such as space access instructions and wifi logins become available to your attendees in one click.

Here’s how to share your booking:

  1. Locate the booking in your Inbox or Bookings tab
  2. Select ‘Invite Guests’
  3. Customize the title, description, and event times  

Note: Updating the event times in the invite will not change the times of your booking. The information shown will be for your guests only.

  1. Select ‘Copy Invite Link’
  2. Paste and share your link in a text, email, or social media post

When your guests visit the invite page, they’ll have access to the booking details and will be prompted to RSVP so you’ll know who’s coming!

If you want to disable the invite page, set the Visibility Settings to ‘No one can view this page’ and hit ‘Save’.

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