Why shouldn't I let booking requests expire?

Knowing how to handle booking requests is key to your success on Peerspace.

A booking request expires when you do not Accept or Decline the request within two business days. Expired bookings negatively impact your response rate and time, which are key metrics we use to determine your placement in search results. Excessive expired bookings may even result in removal of your account.

Hosts should act on every booking request rather than letting any expire. Directly messaging the guest, accepting, or declining the request acts as a reply, so shoot to take one of these actions within the first 24 hours to maintain healthy response metrics. Remember, your response time is visible on your listing and is an important factor guests consider when choosing who to book with.

We encourage you to review the following reasons we see bookings expire and how to easily avoid them:

“We’re still working out details.”

  • Pro-tip: Promptly decline the request. If you expect the remaining details to take more than 48 hours to confirm, decline the booking request until all loose ends are tied up. Once details are confirmed, the guest can submit a new one or you can send them a custom offer.

“The booking details aren’t right.”

  • Pro-tip: Send the guest a custom offer with the correct details. Re-visit the original request to quickly edit the price, attendee count, date, or time, using the custom offer feature.

In the event you’re having trouble accessing your Peerspace inbox to take action, please reply to let us know. We’d be glad to look into any technical issues and ensure you’re set up for continued success.

For more information on the Peerspace booking flow, see What happens when I receive a booking request?

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