How do I attach add-ons to an inquiry or booking request?

You can easily attach add-ons to an inquiry or booking request by sending a custom offer or updating the booking. This is also helpful if you need to edit the details of an add-on selected at checkout before accepting the request.  

Here’s how it works:

  1. When a guest sends an inquiry or request, click “Create Custom Offer”
  2. If no changes need to be made to the booking details, Select “Continue to Add-ons” 
  3. Select an existing add-on from your inventory page or click “Add Item” to create a new one. Learn more
  4. Input how many items you’re providing for the guest under “Quantity.”
  5. Repeat this process for any additional items. The “Add-ons total” will update accordingly.
  6. Once you add all of your items, click “Continue to review booking” 
  7. Write a note to the guest detailing the changes and click “Send Custom Offer”

Important: Make sure to factor in the 15% Peerspace service fee when pricing any new add-ons. Guests will be charged the standard processing fee.


What happens next: 

  1. Your guest will be notified of the additional services
  2. They will have two days to accept or decline
  3. If they accept the offer, it becomes a confirmed booking
  4. If they decline or the offer expires, you can make another offer

You can add new items, edit, or withdraw your offer at any point (before the guest accepts) by clicking “Review offer details.”

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