How do I add additional charges to a booking after it has been accepted?

All charges (except security deposits) are processed via the Peerspace platform. Additional charges are processed differently depending on if the event has occurred yet or not.

Before the event takes place:

Simply confirm the additional charges (item/service and its cost) with your guest via Peerspace messages and send us an email. Peerspace will not be able to run the charges without guest confirmation in Peerspace messages.

After the event takes place:

At the conclusion of each booking, you’ll receive an email with the subject line “How did it go with {Guest Name}? Any extra charges?”.

If you need to report damages or any other charges, such as additional services you provided, click the “Report Other Charges” button.

Peerspace will use your submitted information to confirm the charges with the guest. The guest will have 48 hours to review and will then be charged. Payouts are automatically deposited into the bank account you have on file. Depending on when the charges are submitted, the payment may be issued in a separate payout.

Please note: Peerspace collects a 15% service fee on all additional charges.

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