How do I submit overtime for bookings with a custom rate?

For bookings that have custom rates, you can submit overtime through the “Report Other Charges” button that can be found in the email titled "How was your experience with --? Any extra charges?" that you receive after each booking. 

The custom hourly rate is what will be used for overtime. Please make sure you specify the number of hours you wish to charge for overtime (30 minute increments) and whether you want to charge the regular custom hourly rate or 1.5x that rate. Please report any overtime within 72 hours of the booking's conclusion in order for our team to take action. 

When you submit the overtime charge, it will be sent to your guest for confirmation. The guest will have 48 hours to review and then will be charged. Payouts are automatically deposited into the bank account you have on file. Depending on when the overtime is submitted, the payment may be issued in a separate payout on a different date from your booking payout.

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