What should my base rate be?

Your base rate should be the most commonly booked price. We recommend the base rate includes all listed amenities, any costs required to book the space, and cleaning. Keep in mind your minimum hour requirement when choosing a base rate. The total payout based on these two factors should make sense for you and your space, keeping in mind Peerspace’s 15% service fee.

As a new host, we recommend pricing your space competitively based on what you see booking nearby on Peerspace. Once you have a few glowing reviews under your belt, use them as leverage to bump up your price and find your sweet-spot.

We understand many hosts have different rates depending on a number of reasons. For that reason, we have built features for variable pricing based on dates and times as well as attendees

Remember, the key to turning inquiries into bookings is transparent pricing. You will want to avoid having a low base rate with significantly higher variable rates based on date/time or attendee count.

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