What is an authorized representative?

An authorized representative is an individual who is authorized to create a Peerspace account on behalf of themselves or an entity. The authorized representative does not have to be the individual managing Peerspace bookings. Note: The authorized representative is not liable for tax obligations on income earned from Peerspace.

Authorized representatives are required to provide their Social Security Number and an  identification document (ex. passport, driver’s license) to verify the individual listed as the account representative. Our payment provider, Stripe, is legally required to complete what is called a "KYC (Know Your Customer) Survey" for every user. This includes completing identity verification for the person who chooses to be the owner, administrator, or representative of a Stripe account. This is done for legal and compliance reasons.

Peerspace and our users are bound to Stripe's Terms & Conditions and this verification step is required by our payment provider and their banking partners in order to support any user.

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