What is a custom offer?

Hosts can offer a one-time, base-rate price to accommodate special requests, such as a non-profit discount. After you have sent the host a message or requested to book their space, the host can offer a custom price. When you accept the offer, it becomes a confirmed booking.

To ensure a transparent booking experience, all special rates must be outlined in the About the Space section of hosts’ listings. 

Here’s how it works:

  • The host offers a custom base rate
  • You have two days to review the offer
  • If you accept, the booking is confirmed and the you are charged in full
  • If you decline or the offer expires, the host can make another offer

Please keep in mind that we charge a processing fee on all transactions.  Make sure you are familiar with our cancellation policy and payment process

If a host is adding fees that are not outlined in the listing, or you find that their pricing is misleading, please let us know.

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