Why did my credit card get declined?

There are several reasons your credit or debit card could be declined. The most common reasons we see:

Bank Security: Your bank is blocking the charge. This could be due to general fraud protection, the bank not recognizing Peerspace as a vendor, a freeze you have on the card, etc. This is often resolved by simply calling the bank to confirm the charge amount and the company name Peerspace. Once cleared simply resubmit your request. 

Insufficient Funds: Keep in mind that the authorization hold we place on your card is for the full amount of the booking. If the full amount is not available at the time of sending the request, the payment will be declined.  

Prepaid Cards: Peerspace does not accept prepaid or reloadable cards. 

Invalid Zip Code/Incorrect Card Number: These errors pop up when your information changes between when you initially added your card and the time it was declined. In other words, what is on file with Peerspace doesn’t currently match what is on file with the bank. You can contact the bank to confirm the current details, re-add the card, and resubmit your request. Please note: This error may show a “pending” or “processing” charge on your statement that will disappear once cleared.

Please note: Peerspace cannot bypass credit/debit card errors.

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