How can I update my booking?

You can request updates up to 1 hour before the booking starts.

  • Go to the “bookings” tab of your account (click here to do so)
  • Select the booking in question
  • Click the “Update Booking” button

From there you can make the changes and submit the update request. You will have the option to edit the date, time, and number of attendees. Please note: Guests cannot make updates to accepted custom offers sent from the host. In those situations, politely ask the host to send a booking update.

Once submitted, the update will be sent to the host for review. If they accept, the changes will be immediately applied to the booking and the new details will be available in the Inbox and Bookings tabs. 

If the host declines the update or it is withdrawn on your end, the changes will not be applied and the booking will remain active with the original details. 

If the host doesn’t respond within two business days, the update will expire, but the original booking stays intact.

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