How do I create an add-on?

You can easily sell additional services to guests, such as furniture or equipment rental, by creating add-ons on your inventory page. Once you create an add-on, it will be visible on your listing and guests will be able to purchase it at checkout. For this reason, you should be able to fulfill all add-ons you create.



Here's how it works:

  • Select “Add-ons” from your navigation bar
  • Select the relevant space
  • Click "Add Item" 
  • Enter a title, description, and price
  • Save the add-on



How should I set the max quantity?

The max quantity represents the total inventory you have for a specific item. For example, if you have 50 chairs available on site, you could charge a per item price and set the max quantity as 50. This is an optional field, so feel free to leave it blank if it's not relevant.


Does the 15% service fee apply to my add-ons?

Yes, make sure to factor in the 15% service fee when pricing your individual add-ons (the fee does not apply to tax or gratuity). Guests will be charged the standard processing fee.


Will all add-ons I create be visible on my listing?

No, if you need to, you can hide specific add-ons by selecting "No" under "Show on listings?" Add-ons that are hidden can still be attached to bookings through custom offer or update booking, but will not be visible on your listing or at checkout. Learn more.


What are some examples of common add-ons?

Item name Description Price Unit Max Quantity
Folding Chairs Black plastic folding chairs $2.50 Per item 50
Coat Check Private coat check to store coats and bags as needed $30.00 Per hour N/A
Coffee Service Service includes mugs, sugar, and cream for up to 10 people $2.00 Per person 10
Repainting Fee Use of the Cyc requires a repainting fee to remove footprints $75 Flat fee N/A

Keep in mind that some add-ons, such as the sale of alcohol or catering, may require proof of licensing from the host. 


Important: Add-ons are intended to allow you flexibility to sell premium amenity upgrades. They are not meant to be an itemized upcharging for basic amenities, like restrooms. Learn more about what you should and shouldn’t charge for here

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