What do my payout statuses mean?

The pending section of your payout dashboard contains all the bookings, overtime charges, add-ons, and host referrals that you are owed. You will only see this table if you have pending payouts. There are two statuses for items in the pending table: Scheduled and Processing.


After a booking is completed, you earn a payout that is “scheduled” to be sent to your bank account. The scheduled payout will be sent 72 hours after the end of the booking.


Once your payout is initiated, it moves from “scheduled” to “processing,” and is on the way to your bank account. You can typically expect to receive processing payouts within 3–5 business days from the day it was initiated.


After you receive your payout, it will be displayed in the “processed” history table and will be available to download as a CSV. 

If you receive a high volume of payouts, you may notice that some payouts are grouped together in a single deposit to your bank account. You can click each payout in the Processed history table to see what’s included.

Other statuses

If a payout fails, you will receive an email notification with instructions on further steps.

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