How do I download my payout history?

After you receive payouts, they will be displayed in the “processed” history table in your payout dashboard and will be available to download as a CSV. Pending payout data is not available to download.

Here's how it works:

  • Visit your payout dashboard
  • Click "Download CSV" from your "processed" table
  • Select the date range you'd like to download

Note: the date range you select is representative of the date the payout was issued to your bank account (typically three days after the booking takes place).


What does each line type mean?

Once you download your payout data, you might notice that there are multiple "line types." To understand what each line type means, see below:

payout direct deposit information, such as the date of a payout, the payout total, and your bank details
booking a line item in a payout representing a rental/venue fee 
ancillary a line item in a payout representing additional services (add-ons) sold to guests
overtime a line item included in a payout representing overtime charges 
referral a line item included in a payout representing bonuses made from the host referral program

What's included in each payout?

A payout can be comprised of multiple line items from different bookings depending on when charges are submitted and processed. Every payout has a distinct payout ID. Every additional "line type" (booking, ancillary, etc.) with a matching payout ID represents a line item included in that payout. You can always visit the booking URL associated with each line item for more context. 

How should I view and organize my payout data?

We recommend importing the CSV file into a spreadsheet system like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. To look at your earnings overall, filter by 'line_type = payout.' For a closer look at the line items included in those payouts, filter by 'line_type = booking,' 'line_type = ancillary,' etc. Applying filters like this will allow you to manipulate and analyze your payout data to answer questions like, "How much money have I made this year from additional services sold to guests?"


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