How do guests access my add-ons at checkout?

To make sure add-ons are available for guests at checkout, select “Yes” to “Show on listing?” when creating them from your inventory page. This will also make them visible on your listing under “Add-ons from the host.” 




Guests can choose to purchase these add-ons when booking your space. If add-ons are selected by guests at checkout, you will see the details when reviewing the booking request. If you need to make changes before accepting the request, simply reply with a custom offer. Learn more.


Important: If your listing has Instant Book turned on, it’s important to only offer add-ons at checkout that you’re positive you can fulfill. If an add-on is available sometimes, it’s best to hide it. You can do so by editing the visibility of specific add-ons at any time. Learn more. For more information on Instant Book guidelines, see here.

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