What are the steps to becoming a Peerspace host?

We’re excited to welcome you to the Peerspace community as a host partner. Before we can activate your space on the marketplace, there are a few basic steps you’ll need to complete as part of the listing experience. These steps are in place to ensure hosts like yourself are prepared for success and ready to receive bookings right away.

What you’ll need along the way:

  • Basic information about your space (such as square footage)
  • At least four high-quality photos of your space
  • Friendly profile photo of yourself
  • Some information to verify your identity
  • Completion of training course and quiz
  • Your banking information for booking payouts
  • About 30 minutes give or take 

Here’s what you can expect:

Tell us about your space

Once you’ve created an account, you’ll want to add your space. There are six steps in this process that are designed to capture relevant information and help guests understand all that your space has to offer.

Choose which activities to host

List your space under the Event, Offsite, or Production categories to let potential guests know what types of activities are best suited for your space. You can create multiple listings that are tailored to each activity. You can find more information around which category might make sense for your space here. All activities a guest searches for will filter to one of those three listing categories.

Gain tools for success

Hosting with Peerspace is a short tutorial that prepares you to get the most bookings right away. It takes around 10 minutes to complete and will provide tips on how to best showcase your space, effectively communicate with guests, and easily manage bookings.

Wait for approval

When you’ve completed the tutorial, your submission will go through a brief review period with our team. So long as it meets the requirements to go live, it will be activated on the marketplace. If there is an issue with your submission, a member of our Onboarding team will reach out with further instructions.

Get paid seamlessly  

While waiting for approval, take a few minutes to upload your banking information (you can't get paid without adding it). In an effort to streamline the process of receiving payments from Peerspace, we've built a payment system that works via direct deposit. This allows hosts to receive payments hassle free shortly after bookings take place.

Host Tip: hosts with complete profiles go live quicker.

Once live, potential guests will message you via the Peerspace platform. For more on how to manage your account, read here.

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