Which of the listing categories should I list my space under?

Choosing the appropriate activities to list your space under will allow you to connect with the right guests and help you become a successful host. Get creative about who you think could use your space, how flexible it is, what assets it has and when it sits vacant.

When you add your space, the final step will be to chose which of our listing categories you would like to have listings under. You can chose up to all three, and set distinct prices, minimum booking hours, capacities and amenities as they pertain to each individual activity.

Check out how we define these three categories to find what makes sense for you to list under.


From classes to brainstorming sessions and any other business meeting, these locations are great for collaboration. They are equipped with everything guests need to get inspired with coworkers, whether they hold a quick meeting or plan a full day outside the office in these spaces.

Key amenities: tables, chairs, whiteboard, wifi, projector, breakout space


For professional or personal gatherings, such as meetups, product launches, hackathons, workshops, film screenings, pop-ups and more. Guests want to socialize and network in these spaces!

Key amenities: tables, chairs, kitchen space, restrooms, sound system, lighting, parking or public transportation nearby


Meant for guests producing their next creative achievement, these spaces are perfect for both makers and media creators who need somewhere to photograph, film or undertake a creative project.

Key amenities: daylight or lighting equipment, loading area, backdrops

Finally, we recommend that all space owners look into and understand their current business and zoning permits to ensure their space can accommodate certain alternative uses.

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