What are the requirements for live listings?

Peerspace focuses on making bookings as simple and transparent as possible for both hosts and guests. To achieve this goal, we have basic requirements that hosts must address in their profile and listings before we can set a space live for guests to book:

  • Host profiles must include the full name, phone number, and a friendly photo of the individual managing the account. Last names will never be public on Peerspace. Logos cannot be used as profile photos.
  • Profiles and listings cannot include business or venue names. We encourage hosts to describe their space with personal phrases and unique adjectives.
  • Listings cannot contain URLs to outside websites, the space's address or any direct contact information.

Booking Policies

All Peerspace bookings are governed by our booking policies, which cover cancellations, overtime and damages. Hosts cannot include booking policies in their listings that are different from those of Peerspace.


Pricing must be fully transparent in listings. The most successful listings ensure an efficient booking process and positive guest experience with an all-inclusive hourly rate. If you have any special rates, use the About the Space section to make them clear. Some examples are full-day rates, discounts, weekend rates or rates for large scope bookings.


All included amenities or required costs for booking your space should be worked into your hourly rate and highlighted in the listing's Amenities section. Any case-by-case fees must be detailed in the About the Space section.


All bookings and payments take place on the Peerspace platform, following our payment process. Guests are charged in full when you accept their booking.  As a result, hosts cannot require partial deposits to secure the space in their listings.


The best listings have 10+ photos and a floor plan to show off the space in its entirety. You need at least 4 high-quality landscape (horizontal) photos to go live. Make sure you have the rights to your photos, which cannot include watermarks or explicit references to the business or venue name.


Your listing should clearly highlight the square footage, layout, capabilities and ideal uses of your space that relate to the activity you are listed under, while also detailing any restrictions that would impact a guest's decision to book. Successful hosts are thorough when completing the About the Space and Host Rules sections of their listings.


If you don't own the space you are listing, make sure you have the right to license it. All hosts are required to closely follow the Peerspace Community Guidelines.

If you have any questions about updating your listings to prepare them for bookings on Peerspace, please visit our FAQ for hosts.

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