Can I sync a calendar with Peerspace?

If you manage your space’s availability using an external calendar, you can connect it with your Peerspace account. The automatic sync will add events from your external calendar to Peerspace and mark those times as unavailable.

Specific details of your synced events, such as event titles and client names, are never shared publicly or stored by Peerspace. 

Syncing a calendar is a quick and easy way to keep your availability up to date, which will save you time and improve the booking experience for your guests. We currently support syncing with Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook, Office 365 and Exchange accounts. 

Here’s how to sync your external calendar with Peerspace:

  1. Visit your Calendar on Peerspace.
  2. In the “Settings” menu, select the space you’d like to sync from the left panel and click “Sync Now”.
  3. Pick your calendar provider and authorize the connection with our third party tool, Cronofy. *Cronofy does not have ICS link functionality.
  4. Select the calendar you would like to sync with Peerspace.
  5. It can take a few minutes for the sync to complete. When the connection is established, the sync status will change to “Complete.”

Once your calendars are synced, events marked as busy (unavailable) on your external calendar will be automatically blocked on Peerspace.

Note: Some calendar providers will mark all day events as “free” by default. To ensure these times are blocked on your Peerspace calendar, mark them as “busy” on your external calendar.

The calendars will sync automatically every few minutes, pulling in events for the upcoming 7 months. You can check the status of your connection at anytime in the “Settings” menu of your Peerspace calendar.

If you manage multiple spaces on Peerspace, you can sync a different calendar to each. Simply repeat the process above for each space you have.

If you want to disable the connection, return to your Peerspace calendar settings and click “Disconnect”.

Please note: At this time, this must be done via the desktop or mobile site. Calendar sync is not yet available on our iOS app.

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